Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today, my Grandma is 93 years old! She is one of the most amazing and inspirational women I know. She worked in a plant and fruit shop for many years in Orlando, Florida. She also raised four wonderful of them is my mom. She has shown me that you can achieve anything you set your heart to and that family is important. I always admired my grandma and as a kid, we spent weekends in Orlando with her and my Papa, going to Disney World and playing in their backyard and their neighborhood. She used to have big orange trees in her backyard!

A few years ago, my Grandma moved from Orlando up to Jacksonville. She lives in a retirement community near my condo. Unfortunately, I do not see her as often as I'd like.

This week, all four of her daughters and their children and grandchildren will gather together to celebrate her birthday. We'll be doing our traditional eating, shopping, talking and entertaining. This is a week I look forward to every year!

I hope that everyone reading this will think of their grandparents, wherever they may be, and remember them and all that they have survived in their lifetime.

Happy Birthday Mary Christine ("Chris")!

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pinkcoffee photoart said...

93!!! She looks great. I know she must have enjoyed having you all there to celebrate with her.

ps-it was fun seeing you last night!