Thursday, March 5, 2009


Jacksonville, Florida - this is home. For 18+ years of my life, I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville is in Northeast Florida, almost to the Georgia border on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

I haven't always been able to say that I "loved" this city, but recently I've realized that not only do I love Jacksonville, but I love Florida! My career may take me outside of Florida, but I know that I'll retire back to Florida if that ever happens.

A couple of my friends and I said that we would be like "The Golden Girls" and move back to Florida when we retire, and may even be roommates. I know that one day I'll upgrade to a larger home, but I hope to keep the current home as a place to retire to later in life. You can't beat it, really.

Even better than my home is my desk downtown. Here are a couple of pictures I took which show the view from my desk.

This is the St. John's River. The blue bridge is the Main Street Bridge and I also have a relative in the tall building on the far right!

This is the view from my left side window
I totally sound too thrilled to live where I do, don't I? Well, lately, I've been realizing some of the little things I'd missed...and a few things I didn't appreciate as much as I should have. That has all changed, and one of the underappreciated things was how blessed I am to live here in Jacksonville.

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