Monday, March 2, 2009

March - The Beginning of Spring

March is here! It is officially (well, almost) the beginning of Spring! March and April are the months when I start my excursions to the beach and pool to soak up the sun, hangout with friends in the outdoors and get to read those books I love so much!

This change in season will be especially memorable to me because of the way my winter ended this year. Just two days ago, I joined my best friend Scarlett, her family and friends, my parents and a few other wonderful friends of mine to say goodbye to Scarlett's father, Johnny Williams. Although it was a sad occasion, it was joyous just the same. To watch this family actually celebrate a life with a "Wang Dang Doodle" party - some Southern home cooking and a Blue Grass Band were on-hand to celebrate this man's life. In addition to this event, I went through a momentary personal crisis at the end of Winter which made me realize how much I love my friends in Jacksonville and my family, who also reside in Jacksonville.

Sometimes God takes us through the Valley before we can climb the Mountain again. I'll be back on the mountain soon, but I know there'll be more "Valley" moments. Within each of these "Valley" moments, God will have a lesson to teach me.

This year's lessons, so far, are 1) Take joy in the changing of the seasons....winter will always be cold, but spring and summer will always come back around 2) Enjoy those you're close to, and tell them you enjoy them and are thankful to them each time you speak to them 3) Appreciate what you have now, because tomorrow it may be gone 4) Always be a friend. Even when those around you fail to see how much you care for them or appreciate them, continue to be a friend and someone they can count on when they see the light again 5) Never give up

This is me with Franca and Scarlett - two life long friends whom I know will always be there for me, and for whom I will always be! This picture was taken at the "Wang Dang Doodle" on Saturday.
I love you girls, and I realize that now more than ever!
Photo by: Darice Michelle


Elizabeth Bowdren Photography said...

It was so great to see you Rachel... wishing it were under different circumstances, but I think it fared well... being made into a Celebration! Hope all continues to do well for you and that you encounter divine blessings in everything you do!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Becky. It was great to see you. I felt sad and happy all at the same time. As Truvy said in "Steel Magnolias," - "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." I'm glad that we were able to be there for Rene and Scarlett, and it was so amazing to see all those who came out to honor him. See you soon!


Franca said...

Rachel, I love your blog! What a sweet photo of us! I love you girlz! I could just see a pic of us just like this when we're 70!

Rachel said...

Oh you know it...we'll be JUST like the Golden Girls, heck we may even become roommates. One of my neighbors and I have already discussed retiring to Stonebridge, LOL! Think about what our equity will be like then...

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Great to see you there even though it was a weird timing.. glad to see you are doing well. I hope you have recovered from that crazy ATL mess :(

Rachel said...

Thanks, Corinna. It was great to see you too. I know the circumstances were sad, and I couldn't be as "giddy" and "giggly" as I'd normally be, but next time for sure.

I have recovered - sleep was definitely needed after that last week of February! I'm so glad that a new season in the year and in my life has now begun!

See you soon!